Swami Sri Ananda Acharya (1881-1945)

The Indian poet, philosopher and professor Swami Sri Ananda Acharya (or just Sri Ananda) is widely known as “the sage on Mt.Tron”. Locally he is mostly known as “Baral” or "Professor Baral". He lived on Tronsvangen on the slopes of Mt.Tron in Alvdal, Norway from 1917 until his death in 1945, and was the first Indian yogi and sannyasi to come to the Nordic countries in modern times. After Swami Vivekananda he was the first to travel to the West and the first Indian with an academic background to present Indian philosophy in a systematic way to the Western World. He was also the first sannyasi to settle down in the West and to leave his body here. His rich authorship includes more than thirty titles and covers a variety of themes and genres, including lyrics, songs, dramas, allegories, specialist literature dealing with philosophy and spirituality, and a cookery book. Most prominent is his idea about the University of Peace which he carried with him from India. However, the deeper meaning of his life and mission will only be understood and appreciated in the future.

Read the incredible story of Sri Ananda's dramatic life in a comprehensive narration for the very first time. This is his and three of his closest disciples' narration - in their own words - about life in India, England and in Norway: Sri Ananda Acharya - A forgotten Son of Mother India.

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