Swami Paramananda (1954-1999)
Swami Paramananda was a most remarkable and dynamic human who is yet to become known to the world at large. It seems completely impossible to render a decent account of him and at the same time do him justice, because in every way he was as extraordinary and amazing, and at the same time as natural and unpretentious as one can possibly be. He was the perfect human being – full of all-embracing, altruistic love and infinite, liberating wisdom – who possessed everything and who gave everything, and who accepted everyone as they are and was always positive towards life as such. He was the greatest example of self sacrifice one can imagine, who was always ready to help others wholeheartedly without any consideration for himself. And in this way he was a living example of what a human being really can be and should be in this life, and through this he inspired and transformed all sincere people who came to him and befriended him. He visited Shantibu four times between 1989 and 1998.